Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Pretenders & Amos Lee

Roseland Theater
December 12

Is it me or is going to a Pretenders and Amos Lee concert like going to see Cher and Ben Harper? Hmm. It is quite an odd pairing, isn’t it? On the one hand you have The Pretenders, a British group, formed in 1978, that has since developed into a blend of ’80s new wave and early ’90s rock ’n roll. Then, on the other hand, you have Amos Lee, a relatively new face when compared the Pretenders’ resume, whose sound stems from old-timey blues and folk story telling. Nevertheless, the abnormal coupling of the two artists might prove a complement to each other.

To their credit, they both put on involved, high-energy performances and each have a large fan base. Speaking of, both have had albums come out this year with a high degree of positive response. The Pretenders’ Break Up the Concrete debuted at number 32 on Billboard’s album chart in October; and Amos Lee’s Last Days at the Lodge received critical acclaim. The show will be happening at the Roseland Theater on December 12 with ticket prices slightly expensive at $40 a pop.

–Dave McAlinden

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