Thursday, December 18, 2008

Presidents of the United States of America

Crystal Ballroom
December 19

Remember the Presidents of the United States of America? You know, the guys who saved the Boggles from fading into one-hit-wonder oblivion. That’s right, I said it! Well, if you want to see them put on one hell of a good show, you can. Ticket prices are between $18 and $20; and I would suggest getting them early given the band’s popularity.

When the Seattle-born pop group formed in 1993, their pop-punk flare and catchy melodies caught the ears and captured the hearts of many happy fans. Fifteen years and five albums later they’ve come to Portland once again to bless us with new tracks from their latest album, These are the Good Times People. I don’t know how, but I feel this album is even more poppy than any previous. With that said, the Crystal Ballroom is the perfect setting for fans of this persuasion; the flexing floor is great for the I’m-a-white suburbanite-and-can’t-dance-so-I’m-just-going-to-hop-in-place-until-the-song-ends-and then-feel-awkward-between-sets dance style linked to the group’s central demographic. Suffice to say that it will be a good time. I really hope they play “Dune Buggy,” that’s a good one. I like that one.

–Dave McAlinden

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