Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blitzen Trapper

Wonder Ballroom
December 4

Imagine Neil Young and Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) were in a serious relationship. Now imagine Malkmus once cheated on Young with Jeff Tweedy (Wilco). Then suppose the Pavement lead got pregnant as a product of this affair and they both vowed to keep the true origin of the pregnancy a secret. In an attempt to eradicate his estranged guilt, Malkmus convinces Young to move to Oregon. Young, not knowing the baby is another musician’s love child, raises it with his partner to the best of his influence. That baby then grows into Blitzen Trapper, a Portland band on SubPop that can rival Beck in any contest of composition and lyricism.

Hypothetical situations aside, Blitzen Trapper is a well-coordinated group of solid musicians. They are what Dylan might have sounded like in the ’90s if he didn’t have his weird little breakdown in the ’70s. With clean Southwestern progressions—which aren’t country enough to be car-commercial annoying—coupled with the depth and cadence lyrics should possess, one can most certainly say that Blitzen Trapper pretty much rocks. They also fill that hollowness that seems to ache in the background of most folk songs with a fantastic electric ambience which sets them apart. It will be nice to welcome them home; all ages are welcome to do so.

Tickets are available either through the Wonder Ballroom or TicketMaster for about 10 bucks—well worth the show, if I may say. If you’ve never heard their music I would suggest checking out the tracks “Furr” from the album of the same name, and “Big Black Bird” from EP 3—they really kick ass.

–Dave McAlinden

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