Thursday, November 20, 2008

of Montreal

November 20

This Georgia band makes indie pop music. Kevin Barnes, the band’s leading man, has always been one to keep your eye on, and on their latest and ninth album, Skeletal Lamping — which was released last month—a little something has changed. In the past, their content has been a mash-up of autobiographical loner teen angst and personal growth. Now, in a schizophrenic frenzy of alter egos, Barnes seems to be emerging with a different sound. While the band is both narrative and personal in lyrical content and style, their juxtaposition of gloomy themes overridden by positive and upbeat hooks and melodies is one that sets the band apart from their other contemporaries. Listen closely and you will hear stories of loneliness, apathy and death, but by the melodies you would never guess such darkness is riding just beneath the surface. They are masters at this craft and are proven musical geniuses, continuing to reinvent themselves with each new album.

–Jenny Rapf

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