Monday, November 10, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson

Wonder Ballroom
November 11

Ingrid Michaelson is from Staten Island, New York. She makes indie pop music for the masses and reminds me of a more modern version of Lisa Loeb — but maybe that’s just the glasses. Her latest album, BE OK, hit stores last month and—bless her little philanthropic heart—some of the proceeds of her album sales go to Stand Up To Cancer. I must say, I LOVE Michaelson’s single, “As I Am,” but I HATE the video. Ingrid, baby, didn’t anyone ever tell you scary/sad clowns are actually really scary? They are, and you shouldn’t have a whole video dedicated to them, scaring the crap out of your poor unbeknownst viewers. Just a thought.

–Jenny Rapf

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