Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Hotlist

Portland Center Stage opens R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE. Get the story behind the story by attending a (free) conversation with Allegra Fuller Synder (his daughter) and DW Jacobs (director/playwright) on Saturday, October 18 at 2pm. Says Snyder of her father, "One of the most vivid images I have of my father are his fingertips. I can see him sitting, with his eyes closed, searching deeply into his mind/experience, with his fingertips barely tapping together, or his hands reaching out in one of those broad and animated gestures so common in later years when he lectured. His fingertips were exploring the universe around him. His fingertips were his antennas to experience." Go HERE.

W. (The Oliver Stone movie about Georgie) opens this weekend. Feel free to watch and laugh/cry/groan as Josh Brolin does his best take (and a fairly accurate one at that) on the current president. It's hard not to picture this movie being a jab (especially given the timing of the release) but Stone is adamant that the film is not intended to be a jab. He's shown restraint, but has admitted in no uncertain terms that the man lends himself to parody. See for yourself.

Pink Widower, Plants & The Winebirds featuring Portland Cello Project in a fundraiser for Obama at The Someday Lounge on Friday, October 17. Tickets are $7 at the door and (according to Someday, "the purpose of this fundraiser then, "The Obama Battleground Booster" is to raise resources for The Democratic party in one of the important battleground states, in this instance, the highly contested state of Ohio" Come and show your support while taking in some good tunes.

Portland Open Studios
. If you’ve ever marveled at a painting and wondered how it came to be or sat wide-eyed watching Bob Ross paint, “happy little trees,” then you will love Portland Open Studios. For one final weekend, a number of Portland’s hottest artists will open their doors to the public. Offering a chance to “go behind the scenes to see where, how, and why art is made in an up close and personal view.” The self-directed tour ($15) includes two tickets, maps, pictures of all artists' work (in a beautiful 2009 calendar format). This weekend will focus on eastside artists like Sam Roloff, Don Jacobson and Nicky Falkenhayn. If you don’t want to drive, you can hitch a ride with other art lovers on EcoShuttle ( whose carbon-neutral tour vans are powered with biodiesel. Tour vans will make different pre-scheduled stops each day of the event and you can sign up for one day or both. For more information, visit

Pizzazz! The annual Merc-sponsored talent show kicks off tonight. Think it's just a lighthearted show of spoon players and crunk dancers? Think again. With a grand prize of $1000 it's bound to get as fierce as an America's Next Top Model "Go See" (only with less whining). The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $8 to $12. Check out the musical (and dance) stylings of Della May and the Apocalypse Unicorn from last year's event.

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